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Wealth Management

A holistic approach to wealth management.

A holistic approach to wealth management.

Our objective is to help manage your wealth in a manner consistent with helping you achieve your life goals. Your dreams, desires and means are our goal. They provide context for all our recommendations and direct everything we do on your behalf.

To help you achieve your goals, our wealth management platform is based on four integrated competencies:

  • Experienced financial industry knowledge
  • Cutting-edge investment strategies and products
  • World-class asset management account technology
  • On-going commitment to research via the investment management firms we work with

Pacific Coast Wealth Strategies combines these capabilities, along with the in-depth knowledge, skills, training and experience of the various investment management firms, to focus on your ultimate success.

Four Common Investing Mistakes

Timing the Market

Although the financial markets can be remarkably steady over longer time periods, sharp short-term movements in security prices are increasingly frequent. When you witness the market making big point swings, it can be awfully tempting to try “timing” the market- attempting to buy or sell based on the direction the market may be headed. Choosing the ideal moment to buy or sell is difficult. Investors who attempt to time the market may end up missing periods of exceptional returns

Assuming Past Performance Guarantees Future Results

That’s why you see “Past performance does not guarantee future results” on every investment marketing piece that mentions performance -because it’s true. Some investors learn about the latest “hot” fund or stock and sell their current holdings to buy it. This isn’t a consistently reliable method of investing. You may end up selling when you should be buying and vice versa.

Using Your Savings and Outliving Your Assets

Innovations in healthcare have skyrocketed today’s average life expectancies, making longevity one of the most important factors in planning a successful retirement. Most retirees vastly underestimate how long their retirement will last. Your and your spouse’s current health, family history and the amount of assets you want to transfer to your heirs all need to be considered.

Ignoring the Power of Diversification*

Individual asset classes go in and out of favor over time. When investors build their own portfolios they often neglect asset classes that can provide important diversification benefits. Harnessing proper diversification can enhance returns and help to cushion against volatility.

*Asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing do not guarantee a profit or protection against loss.