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Insurance Planning and Policy Review

Proper insurance planning is an integral part of a sound financial plan. Whether you need income protection, life insurance or affordable health care, we are ready to help with your risk management needs.

At Pacific Coast Wealth Strategies, our team will review your existing insurances and develop recommendations after completing a personalized financial analysis. We then provide specific insurance strategies in the areas of:

Life insurance

Disability income insurance

Long-term care insurance

Health, dental, and vision insurance

Fixed and variable annuities

Life Insurance Policy Review

Life Insurance Policy Review

Life insurance is one of your most valuable assets. It may provide funds to:

  • Help take care of your loved ones’ needs when you are no longer here
  • Pay for education of your children and grandchildren
  • Pay off your mortgage and other debts
  • Leave a legacy
  • Attract and retain key employees
  • Protect your business
  • Supplement your retirement income
  • Offer emergency cash

Like any asset, it is important to periodically review whether your life insurance continues to meet your needs. Life continually changes – marriage, divorce, death, children are born and grow up, with moves and job changes along the way. Lifestyle change and health changes. Financial situations and goals change. In addition, because life insurance is a financial asset, its performance may fluctuate and should be reviwed to help ensure it continues to meet your changing needs.

Pacific Coast Wealth Strategies believes that some life insurance policies can be improved upon once a thorough, detailed, and unbiased analysis has taken place. 

The following changes have occurred in the life insurance marketplace in recent years:

The following changes have occurred in the life insurance marketplace in recent years:

  • There is constant change in the way life insurance is designed, priced and medically underwritten
  • Life expectancies have increased, resulting in a reduction in the internal insurance costs on newer policies
  • More favorable underwriting classes are now offered by some carriers
  • Some past medical issues that have had negative underwriting are now rated at better risks due to improvement in medicine and longevity.
  • Interest rates and dividend crediting rates may not be performing as originally illustrated

After a full assessment of your goals and objectives, we will obtain in-force illustrations on existing policies to analyze how they have performed since purchase; we then review future projections to see if these policies continue to meet your objectives. As needed, we can work with a vast network of insurance carriers to obtain the best possible medical rating and pricing for the amount of coverage necessary to meet your needs.